FACT CHECK: Is it true that there is an arrest warrant for President-elect Joe Biden, “wanted for questioning related to the death of John F. Kennedy Jr., treason, fraud, human trafficking, pedophilia and crimes against humanity.” 

TRUE: The American-run Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is seeking to, at last, bring the notorious President-elect to justice on the sunny shores of Cuba. The arrest warrant, was first brought to light through the investigative efforts of YouTuber, “Cindy K. Currier,” herself a write-in candidate for president in 2020. And not bitter, at all.

President-elect Joe Biden, presidential hopeful, and architect of mass chaos, a new arrest warrant claims.
Cindy Kay Currier, presidential hopeful and architect of a new “natural law” world order.

Running on a platform of a “natural law,” Ms. Currier has written a “Court of the Ages, Law of the Land Handbook” with a “vision for a new America,” which includes a guaranteed income on debit cards she has already designed, featuring herself on the Presidential seal. Thus, we at Terrible Liar have every reason to trust her integrity.

While Ms. Currier only claims to have a copy of the arrest warrant, and makes no allegations against Mr. Biden, Terrible Liar has been able to verify – through speaking to a number of people familiar with the issues at Pep Boys – that Mr. Biden (a) did, in fact, kill JFK, (b) frequently committed treason and fraud while sleeping in congress, and (c) participates in the trafficking of humans and children in exchange for Phillies tickets. We find less believable, however, his alleged “crimes against humanity” as research into his vice-presidency has revealed little impact on anyone or anything.

While the so-called “mainstream media” has yet to pick up on the veracity of Ms. Currier’s arrest warrant and allegations, Terrible Liar calls her story: TRUE!


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