Will Melania Trump face new fallout for decorating with a Russian Xmas theme?

FACT CHECK: Is it true the former First Lady’s Christmas decorations at the White House this year have a Soviet theme?

TRUE! Rotten Liars has obtained exclusive photos that show Former First Lady Melania Trump drew on tender memories of her childhood in the Motherland, taking selfies in the snow, tautening her face muscles against the wintery winds of the frozen playground of the Czars.

LEFT: Whirlybird One passes the White House as decorated by First Lady Melania Trump, whose fond memories of nuclear winters in Chernobyl, as depicted in HBO’s touching biography of Ms. Trump “Chernobyl”, right, inspired this year’s holiday makeover of the Nation’s capital.

The traditional White House Christmas tree was selected by the First Lady for it similar size and shape to the cooling tower of Chernobyl’s Reactor Number Four.

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: Russian White House staff will wear lab coats and dosimeters as while catering and bugging guests at this years holiday celebration — all to complete First Lady Melania’s nostalgia tribute to Christmases in glistening white snow of Pripyat, Ukraine.


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